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The world is increasingly becoming knowledge-driven, as evidenced by global digital companies’ values now exceeding those producing physical products. Knowledge drives how far a business will grow, and having a strategic edge over your competitors now requires harnessing greater skills for your business.

Fingrow Advisory Services provides business strategy formulation services for high-growth medium to large businesses to give them that strategic edge to catapult over their competitors. Our services range as follows:

Strategy Session Facilitation

We can facilitate your organisation’s strategy session to ensure optimal output from the process. We use cutting-edge strategy formulation techniques and provide unique external insights to ensure that the outcome of your strategy session is best-geared to produce optimal results.

External facilitation of strategy sessions encourages greater participation by staff members, as well as provides top management with the opportunity to look at their organisation from a different perspective.

Strategy Implementation & Review

It is important to ensure that once we come up with a strategic plan, we implement and review it periodically to ensure that our operations are taking the organisation in the desired direction. Fingrow Advisory Services provides an implementation and review service to regularly check on your operations and ensure that things are moving in line with the plan, or where this is not the case, remedial actions are taken.

This service is only available on a limited basis due to its extensive nature and our insistence on top-level involvement from our side.

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