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Fingrow Advisory Services is the brainchild of Farai Mutambanengwe, an investment specialist with over 20 years in the asset management and small business industry.

Farai Mutambanengwe is a Bachelor of Accountancy graduate from the University of Zimbabwe who completed articles with Deloitte & Touche, then worked for ten years in the investments and asset management industry.

He covered all aspects of investment management, covering research, stockbroking, derivatives dealing, money market investments, asset management (specialising in pension funds) and his last posting in the industry was as Managing Director of Premier Asset Management.

Farai then left the world of formal business and ventured into entrepreneurship. In 2012 he founded the SME Association of Zimbabwe, which is now the leading provider of support services for SMEs in Zimbabwe. In that capacity he has assisted countless start-up, small and medium sized businesses to achieve their growth objectives.

Fingrow Advisory Services was born out of the realisation that there was a need for a service bridging the gap between formal employment and becoming self-employed, particularly given the increasing level of retrenchments as well as the volatile economic environment prevailing globally, and more so in Zimbabwe. Pensions are increasingly failing to meet the needs of retirees, particularly those leaving at an advanced age, many of whom find themselves needing to go back into employment to eke out a living.

We also provide advanced strategic planning and business growth strategy formulation (including sitting on the Board of Directors) for medium to large businesses looking to gain a competitive edge in their markets.


Our services are provided only by experienced professionals in the industry to ensure high end delivery.

Your growth is our business.

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